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Part # C2032

Zebra Label Printers 2824 Plus Series

500    C$125.00

Box of 250  C$167.50

Box of 500 -   C142.60

500   C$145.00

250   C$41.50

1000  C$55.00

500    C$45.00

1000  C$71.00

3000  C$185.00

A 3 layer design ensures the cover stays in place and does not slide or bunch up on the seat and does not stick to you.  This anti-static construction uses high strength material. 

Size : 38" x 32"

A 17" x 22" white 50# offset paper with no printing.  These are good low cost mats for summer use.

A 17" x 22" poly-back footprint. Equivalent to 70# offset paper. Prints in black. These are good low cost mats for summer use.

Easy to use 5" x 13/16" self-locking key tags work great with a pen or marker.

Genuine Versa-Tag

Tire Bags

Self-Locking Key Tags

Genuine Versa-Tag with red print on a white or yellow polyethylene 3" x 1 3/8" tag.  Includes 1 fine point SHARPIE pens with every box of Versa-tags.

Part # C2083

Part # C2084

Seat Covers

Part # C2058

Floor Mats

Part # C2057

2" x 2" clear or white vinyl material imprinted in one colour: red, black, blue or white with our easily removable low tac adhesive. This label style includes maintenance light information.

Part # C2205

Maintenance Labels

 Label Markers

Part # C2048

Staedtler Lumocolor double-tipped marker is fade-resistant & smudge-proof, use it to write kilometers on oil change stickers.  Colour: black.

Part # C2035

Part # C2056

 Automotive Labels & Products

Valet style, 2" x 1" white string key-tags. Useful for mechanics and valets to keep track of vehicles at a glance.

Tire Storage Labels

Valet style Key Tags

Yellow vinyl 2"x 4" tire storage labels.  WIth room for customer info.   Eliminate mix ups and keep your business organized.!

  • 1. Oil change reminder
  • 2. Parts on order reminder
  • 3. Tire rotation reminder
  • 4. First service due reminder
  • 5. Discount coupons

Printer only.

  • size 2" x 2"
  • white stock only
  • These labels come pre-printed with your company name address and phone number
  • Packaged 500 per roll

 C$494.00 each

C$3.75 each

500  - C$110.50

1000 - C$163.50 

500   - C$124.95

Large size, white tire bags         (33" x 6" x 44.25") .

Part # C2076

Part # C2075


Zebra Label Printers 2824 Plus Series

Zebra Label Printers 2824 Plus Series

  •  Stand Alone 5 in 1 Unit
  •  Printer Size 7” H x 9” L x 6” W
  •  Keyboard Size 8” x 4” (1” Tall)

Part # C2031

Part # C2255

Printer ribbons

 C$305.00 each

Printer ink ribbons for Zebra 2824 desktop printers.

Part # C2030

Custom Labels for label printer

Part # C2033

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Part # C2090

 White vinyl 3" x 4"tractor trailer retorque labels with removabble adhesive .  Labels encourge your customers to return for a safety check after 0-100kms from the time of vehicle service.  Customize with your company name and phone number

Produce your own adhesive vinyl labels on a thermal printed, computerized system that neatly prints fade and smear resistant data in bold black letters and numbers.  Includes keyboard and free programing set up

Keyboard only.

Truck Retorque Label

3"x4" Labels
250   Labels - C$199.00
500   Labels - C$314.00

Over 25 years of great customer service

 C$13.75 each

 C$799.00 each