A custom design with your company name, highlighted phone number and individual wheels for re-tighning.

A simple design with a 50 km re-tightning warning.

Part #c2305

3"x4" labels

500   Labels - $186.00
1000 Labels - $299.00
2000 Labels - $540.00

Part #c2090

Our most popular option with area to write the vehicles km. when they are to return

This label has a vehicle image with tires to be tightned in bold for circling, includes a 60 km warning.

Part #c2310

All our retorque labels are 2"x2", available on white or transparent vinyl material imprinted in your choice of red, black, blue or white.  We use a low-tac adhesive that is easily removable and no fade u.v. resistant inks.  These are some of our most popular templates.  Don't see what you're looking for?  No problem, we can customize.  Just call us at 1-800-383-9270  & we will send you a sample.

Part #c2330

Part #c2300

Part #c2325

Part #c2315

A simple design with a 2 day re-tightning warning.

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  • Show your customers that you're looking out for them with our Wheel Retightening Labels for the dashboard, steering wheel or door frame. 
  • It's also a chance to build a relationship with your clients when they return to your shop and  generate new business. 
  • We have standard templates to choose from or you can put your business name on it for free!

White vinyl, 3"x4" tractor trailer retorque labels with removable adhesive..  Labels encourage customers to come for a safety check after 50-100 kms from time of vehicle service.   Customize with your company name and phone number.

A cutom design with your company name and phone number above wheel torque within 60 km.

2"x2" labels

500   Labels - $110.50
1000 Labels - $163.50
2000 Labels - $319.00
3000 Labels - $412.50
5000 Labels - $505.85

Part #c2320

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Retorque Labels

A simple design with a 100 km re-tightning warning.